Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Microsoft Excel and VBA Macro Training Courses in Singapore

Reporting Problems?

Before we talk about Excel and VBA Macro training in Singapore, may be we will ask everyone a few questions first, that is do you currently having the following problems :-
Too many reports to do? Too many records to manage? Too many slides to prepare? Working long hours?

Yes, these are common problems faced by accounts staff, group accountants, business analysts and those who need to summarize information from the database system into the reporting format required by the management or bossess.

If you think big MNC will have less of these type of problems, then you are wrong. Why? Because big organization will have more data and more (complicated) reports to prepare. Those of you work in MNC will agree with me in this.

Causes Of The Reporting Bottleneck

There are many causes for this bottleneck. The main causes will be :
  • The source data is not in the proper layout, example each record may come in 2 or more row and result in many manual work require to cut and paste the data into a proper format before it can be used to update report.
  • The Excel spreadsheet is not properly structured, thus making it very difficult to maintain and update. This is especially so when there is no distinction between data and report. No offence to anyone, previous we are also have the habit of putting the source data and reports in the same worksheet, and save an Excel file for each month like January is MthRpt_Jan, February is MthRpt_Feb etc.
  • The database concept and Excel reporting skill set are not well thought in school. We are not trying to take away the problems and push it back to your teacher or lecturer. We are sure that you have attended some sort of Excel or VBA Macro training during your uni or poly time, but there are no application based training whereby you need work from the source data, convert the data into Excel format, copy the data into an Excel database, use the Excel Function formulas to create the link between the database and the report template. Some of you will say this is easy, but what if the source data is not in the proper format, the data is more than 65536 row, there are multiple set of data, the management want view different month reports instantly. In real life situation, the reporting environment is very dynamic and unpredictable. This is why you don't really get to learn ways to manage these type of problem during your study. Haha..teachers and lecturers must be feeling relieve after seeing our last sentence here.

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